About Us

Why Choose IT etc. Training?

At IT etc. Training we are breaking down educational barriers and providing real world solutions for people who want to undertake IT training.

Our Story

IT etc. Training is a not for profit organization, set up to provide modern, innovative, high quality industry relevant IT training.

We established IT etc. Training to address the dramatic decline in the quality and industry relevance of vocational IT education in Australia. We felt the cost burden borne by students undertaking vocational IT courses was unfair because that lack of quality and industry involvment nearly always led to poor employment outcomes.

Our goal is to make quality IT education accessible to everyone by removing all financial barriers for students wishing to undertake our training. We also provide the opportunity to attain formal nationally recognized qualifications at minimum cost. This will allow students to engage in our IT training without the risk of incurring unnecessary debt, and encourage more people to try their hand at coding; people who previously may never have considered IT or coding as something they could do.

We believe that the way IT is taught in the VET sector MUST change to provide Australians with the industry skills necessary to prosper in the rapidly changing digital environment and job market.

Meet Our Founders

Paul and Brendan have dedicated a large part of their lives to IT training. They are excited and passionate about the change they believe is inevitable in IT training and want to be drivers at the forefront of that change. They see flexibility of training options, extensive industry involvment and a radical rethinking of training techniques and environments as key factors to improving student participation and achieving improved outcomes for all.

Can you help us?

We are looking for companies with a community focus to partner with us or help us as we deliver FREE quality IT training. Contact us to learn more about what we do and to find out how your company can be involved or help.